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Calm in a crazy world

Life is messy and humans are wired to avoid discomfort.  If we encounter a situation that is causing us pain and discomfort, we will try and hide and slip away from the situation that is causing us pain and despair.  We create a thinking pattern where we focus on the mess and not the reality.  We turn our backs on the problem because it hurts so much to try and do something about it.  We start to tell ourselves stories to justify the situation so that we do not have to deal with it and we look for proof of that false narrative to reassure ourselves.  We only hear what we want to hear and start looking for something or someone to blame.  This process drains us of emotional, mental, and physical energy which could have been used to resolve the situation.

Where do we begin:

We must face reality and surrender (acknowledge and accept the situation).

Reach out and share your mess with other human beings where there is a safe space to share your mess. 

Remember you are not alone and reaching out will allow other people to care for and assist you.  We need to share our messes with each other so that we can love each other in and through our mess.

Don’t forget everything is temporary.  When your life gets messy you don’t want to salvage what you can from the mess, you want to create something new.

Remember you are not alone and if you need to reach out you can always contact us at Mind Matters.

We have created a safe space for you to create something new.