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How do we go on

after loss?

Life can sometimes be very difficult.  We experience loss, grief, and pain.  We are flooded with these feelings and this can cause a person to feel so overwhelmed that nothing in life appears good any longer.  Technology opens the door for us to be exposed to all the pain and suffering in the world which also contributes to our feelings of despair.

How do we deal with all of this and get through life?  This is a question we ask ourselves constantly.   We know that we must go on and we cannot just stop.  We have family, friends and animals in our life that depend on us. 

It is all about choices.  We can allow this pain and suffering to engulf us and immobilise us from going on with our normal day to day living or we can choose life and focus on the positive things around us.  We can focus on the small little things that we sometimes overlook and appreciate it more.  We can focus on the fact that we have a purpose. 

It’s ok not to feel ok.  It’s ok to feel angry.  It’s ok to feel sad.  It’s ok to cry.  Crying is the natural way of your body to get rid of stress.  We have challenges but we have choices as well.  Always remember you have a purpose in life and that you are important and one of a kind.