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Daily, we encounter various forms of toxicity, such as harmful words, emails, or events that negatively affect our mental state.

 This can lead to a vicious cycle of toxic thoughts, causing us to blame ourselves for what has happened and become consumed by the situation. 

We often wonder how we could have prevented it, and why it had to happen to us. This can result in victim-like behavior, which can ultimately lead to a poor quality of life. However, we can take control of the situation by regulating our emotions and thoughts. 

This involves recognizing our emotions and distancing ourselves from them to think logically. 

We can ground ourselves by utilizing breathing techniques, which can help eliminate our toxic thoughts and enable us to think objectively about the situation. 

With clarity, we can devise a plan to neutralize the toxicity and move forward. 


Practicing this technique can lead to graceful and respectful interactions with others, as we learn to agree to disagree.