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We live in a broken world with challenges that are placed in our path daily.

Sometimes these challenges create such heartache and pain that we find it so difficult to even try to think how I will be able to go on from this.

Feelings of hopelessness, fear, heartache, pain, anger, and frustration might arise in your thoughts.

Today I would like to remind you that a situation is never hopeless.  You must always believe in your strength even if you are feeling very weak and overwhelmed.  Never give up, always move forward, and go on. 

Take a step back and breathe in and look up to the sky and close your eyes and concentrate on your breath that is passing through your body.  Grounding yourself and being in the moment is very important.

How do we go on from the change that has happened in your life.  Amid so much need and urgency we act and respond instinctively because we must.  We do not take the time, to take the time to think about how we will respond to change.

Everyone deals with change differently.  How can some people adapt, and some people struggle so much.  We need to prepare ourselves to prepare for change and not to respond on impulse but strategy.

How do you want to change and be the person you want to be and how can you move on from the brokenness and pain.  We struggle to adapt, and our coping mechanisms change as life changes. 

We need to be more aware of how we are dealing and responding to change.  We cannot control the change that is happening to us, but we can control how we respond to it.

Some points to help you today:

Remember you have a unique purpose in life.  This purpose will guide you if you focus on your uniqueness and purpose.

Ask a lot of questions.  Place your questions on paper and look at how you can think of the problem in a new way and constantly looking to adapt.   

Develop resilience which will assist you to overcome setbacks.  Resilience enables you to reduce stress and the formation of a habit that is not affected by a setback.  Learn from the setbacks.  This will make you stronger and wiser and more adaptable.  There is a positive correlation with adaptability and change.

Always remember that the negative feelings of hopelessness, pain, anger and heartache has a negative correlation which will trigger your threat response.   Create a strong awareness of what triggers your threat responses. 

To be more adaptable you need to reduce your threat response and increase your positive correlations.  This technique will train your brain to create new thinking patterns.  You need to make a constant commitment to change your thinking and learn how to adapt and start again.  Always remember you will get through whatever it is you are going through.  Be graceful to yourself.